Chiling Architectural Metal Limited (CAM) is a subsidiary of Chiling Industries Limited, a Hong Kong-based company that specialized in project design, technical advisory, and provision of a wide range of quality architectural steel and metal with various decorative finishes to major construction projects and home kitchen appliance makers in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Kuwait, Dubai and Singapore, etc. 

Teamed up with the largest architectural stainless steel,maker in Japan as a partner, together with our company's factory facilities in China, we have brought in advanced, unique, and latest designs to the market. Over the past 18 years, CAM has established a reputation for its professional service and is well accepted by the market.

Products & Spec.
Projects Reference

We specialized in providing:

  • Different kinds of surface finishes to stainless steel sheets - Hairline, No. 8 Mirror, Etching, Shot blast, Special Art, Vibration, Colored, Embossed and Bronze metal, etc.

  • Full range of technical support services

  • Assistance during initial project design phases

  • Complete drafting

  • Engineering work

  • Precision fabrication - elevator door, transom, car cage panel, escalator internal panel/cladding, skirt, deck, cover, landing plate, wall cladding, column cover, etc.